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  1. This may be apropos of nothing, but I was having some thoughts on aging. Has anyone ever considered how difficult it is to be “up in years” and not show it? Some people look at me as if I have stolen some young persons identity. I think there are social pressures on everyone to live the role that is expected of them by age, sex, economic condition, etc. Maybe there are sub-conscience desires in me to conform to the stereotypical image that society ascribes to me. I have always resisted these pressures and I am aware of the eccentric image that I have projected with those that think they know me.

    Our apparent social “condition” influences how others treat us. I do not use the word “status” here because status is not clearly defined in American society as it is some countries. In Europe, notwithstanding the novelty of the European Union, many people are still born into the “status” that they will remain the rest of their lives. If they are fortunate to be a member of the nobility, they will live better than most of society.

    I learned how, to a great extent, appearance of your dress, your car, your home and other factors determine what is ascribed as our “status”by others that observe us–even though we are told in school and elsewhere that America is a “classless” society. Some think that if you can manage to continually look prosperous while striving to achieve that status, prosperity will be self=-fulfilling. I believe there is something to that: that appearances can be a means to the end.

    In my early forties, I resigned from my Government job and decided to try to start up a business. One fellow told me I was undergoing “male menopause.” Soon, our cash reserves were exhausted and we were forced to move into a run-down-house in a less than middle class neighborhood while I was trying to start up the business. It was actually a hiatus, an “R and R” period, if you wish. It must have been pre-ordained that I soon give up and go back into my Government job in immigration law enforcement to salvage what I could of my pension to take care of me and my wife in “our old age.”

    One day, a young woman motorist hit one of my two old clunkers that was legally parked on the curb in front of my property. She had a much nicer car than I, and I noticed how much more respect was given her by the police officer that came out to investigate the accident–even though she was totally in the wrong. In such circumstances I would not dare tell the officer that I was still, in effect, a career law enforcement officer, because I had career status in federal civil service and I always had the option of going back to that job any time I wanted–and earn twice as much as that officer.

    To resist going back into Government service, I applied for several jobs. I had a college degree, but my “experience” hurt me more than it helped. Nobody wants to hire a former immigration officer because so many of them employ illegal aliens. To make a long story short, I gave up on my entrepreneurial adventure and after five years, went back into Government service.


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