Daily Prompt: Clutch

via Daily Prompt: Clutch 

This word has so many meanings, it is difficult to choose one to respond to.  Some vehicles, especially big trucks have clutches which are used by the driver to engage a selected gear.  It is also an active verb, often used to describe the prey held in an eagles’ claws.  It also conveys the idea of a person, as in the story by Somerset Maugham, and movie of the same title, “Of Human Bondage” when the gold-digging waitress (figuratively) got the spellbound protagonist, a crippled young doctor, “in her clutches.”


Borders: A Reading List

If you do not want to write about the controversial, you should stay away from this subject. There are many of us that strongly disagree with your ideas.

None of my books, perforce, could be on your reading list, because I do not say what you want to read–nor what those who influenced you want to read. Most writers about the border know only what they have read from writers that learned what they think they know from the writings of others–none of which have any connection with the real border.

I thought that I had posted a blog announcing my latest novel, “Undercover Hobo,” but something happened and it apparently didn’t fly.

Anyway, I am happy to be here to share some of my work.  As a writer, I consider myself a hobbyist, and as such, I think my writing is better than if I were writing for profit because it is all me, unedited and has no politically correct material.

More to follow, I promise.